Alameda County Office of Dental Health

Alameda County Office of Dental Health

The Office of Dental Health (ODH) promotes the oral health and well-being of Alameda County residents. This is achieved by: assessing the community’s needs, providing dental health education, providing linkages to needed resources, and collaborating with community partners. We also provide some direct services, including dental screenings, fluoride varnish and sealants through our school-based programs and at WIC sites. We strive to decrease health disparities and ensure oral health equity by increasing access to care for Medi-Cal recipients, the uninsured and under-insured. We work with policymakers to develop strategies to promote oral health and prevent oral disease.

A healthy smile goes a long way!
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Vision & Mission

The Office of Dental Health supports efforts to improve the oral health of Alameda County residents by partnering with the community to assess oral health status and resources and to assure access to community-based services and oral health education. We actively engage in policy development that incorporates evidence-based dental disease prevention and promotes oral health equity.


1970  Office of Dental Health established
1975  Jared Fine, DDS appointed as 1st Dental Health Administrator for Alameda County
1989  School-based Sealant Program Started
2001  Healthy Kids Healthy Teeth Program Started 
2002  Healthy Smiles program started 
2003  WIC Dental Days started
2005  Oral Health Needs Assessment of children completed 
2007 1st publication of ODH (More Than A Toothache) based on needs assessment (K and 3rd graders)
2012 1st 5-year Strategic Plan (2012-2017) launched 
 2017  Healthy Teeth Healthy Communities project started 

Oral Health Committee

Established in 2012, the Oral Health Committee of the of Alameda County Public Health Commission provides oversight of the implementation, prioritization and quality assurance of the Strategic Plan on Oral Health. The committee is comprised of select Public Health Commissioners, dental health professionals, medical professionals, and oral health advocates who have the expertise and interest in advocating for policies that promote dental health.

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Alameda County Office of Dental Health

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